Grounds Chair

The Grounds position is responsible for:

  • the tennis courts
  • the playground
  • the green space around the club
  • the front entrance at Richmond Beach Road and 8th Ave NW
  • the back entrance
  • the triangles at Springdale/Ridgefield and Springdale/

Clubhouse Grounds (Reserve K)

We most frequently interact with the Clubhouse, the Reserves and Greg Paquette, our landscaper.

Our 2015 accomplishments

  • Resurfaced the tennis courts
  • Completed Phase Two of the front entrance adding plants, flowers, pathways, and sprinkler systems.
  • Put the finishing touches on our existing sprinkler system near the Clubhouse to fix leaks and increase the spray distance to cover the planting strip on Ridgefield.
  • Filled the growing dip in the middle of the playfield.
  • Added new trash cans to accommodate more dog owners.
  • Added new poop bag dispensers.
  • Repaired to the border around the playground.

Our future plans

  • Add a bench outside the pool
  • Add a bulletin board between the pool and the path for pool and community information.
  • Phase Three of the entrance which includes new plants on the right side as you enter the community at 8th Ave NW.

Things we are thinking about

  • We may need to expand our sprinkler system if these hot, dry days become typical. The cost to replace grass is very expensive.
  • Rehabilitating or replacing the retaining wall in the northwest corner of the fields. It’s not clear how long the 2011 short-term repair will last.
  • Replacing the base course of the tennis courts in 2023.

Why would you contact us?

  • You want to book the grounds for a special event, a family picnic or party. Check out this calendar. [link to google calendar]
  • You see a problem with the grounds [leaks, playground equipment failure, too many poop bags, a dangerous tree on the east end of the grounds].



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