Corporate Documents


Innis Arden was put on the market in October 1940. The Boeing Company bought the land from the Puget Mill Company (Pope and Talbot) after it had been logged. Boeing cleared the land, laid out the streets and then plotted the first addition.

The covenants for Innis Arden (I) were recorded on 8-28-1941, Innis Arden II in December of 1945 and Innis Arden III on 4-29-1949.


The Tree Height Amendment was recorded in 1981 and 1982 for Innis Arden (I), Innis Arden II, and Innis Arden III.

The Tree Height Amendment for Innis Arden (I) was amended in 1982 to incorporate the “Business Area” as residential lots, which would then be subject to all restrictions and enjoy all privileges of the restrictive mutual easements.

The Mandatory Dues Amendment for Innis Arden (#2001813001307), Innis Arden II (#2001813001308), and Innis Arden III (#2001813001309) was recorded August 13, 2001, King County Recorder receipt #902066.

The Amendment to eliminate paragraphs relating to racial restrictions was recorded October 11, 2006.(#20061011001603)

Articles of Incorporation were drawn up by D.R. Drew, Hugh H. Russell and L.A. Pelton. They were filed May 24, 1950. They were amended during the 2015 Annual Meeting, restating Innis Arden from a regular corporation to a non-profit.

On May 31, 1950, Bill Boeing offered the Reserves to the Innis Arden Club under certain conditions (Offer To Subscribe for Capital Stock) which was subsequently modified. After the offer was accepted by the Board of Directors, the quitclaim deed was recorded on June 7, 1950.

Bylaws are continually being amended, most recently in December 2016.

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