This website uses a “Content Management System” called WordPress which is used by millions of developers.  Although WordPress is used for blogs, it can be modified to be used as a regular website.  Websites developed with WordPress can be easily modified and users can be set up to add/edit/remove content.

Top navigation provides for dropdown menus, with relatively static information, plus a search box.

Added features include two right side bars with more dynamic information:

  • A calendar (upcoming events)
  • Disclaimer
  • Recent posts ( newest first, for example community emails, blockwatch updates, news from Shoreline, litigation matters)
  • Bulletins sorted by most recent
  • Categories (posts by subject matter rather than date)
  • Archives (by month/year)
  • Weather forecast

Some pages are ‘protected’ meaning that a password must be entered to see them.  Litigation and budget are protected pages.  Contact the webmaster for the password.

Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground