Street Right of Way Tree Policy


The developer of Innis Arden dedicated to the public the platted streets and easements (referred to as the street right of ways (“ROWs”)) and then transferred his rights with respect to the platted ROWs to the Club in 1954. Accordingly, the Club controls the land and vegetation (including trees) within the ROWs. The Innis Arden covenants require that the Club maintain — vegetation so that it does not block the views for residents of the Puget Sound or Olympic Mountains. Numerous residents have requested that the Club bring the ROW trees into compliance with the view covenants. In response to these requests and to meet its obligations under the view covenants, the Board began trimming and removing view blocking ROW trees following a presentation of this policy at the 2012 Annual Meeting. Bringing the ROW trees into compliance with the view covenants will take years.

Each year the Board intends to include in the annual budget an amount for the trimming and removal of ROW trees. The Board’s practice is to assign one Board member (usually the Vice President or Reserves Chair) the responsibility for identifying view blocking ROW trees to be trimmed or removed each year and managing the permitting and trimming process. The Board intends to update Innis Arden residents regarding this process at Board meetings and in the monthly bulletins. The Board also intends to permit residents in the area of the removed ROW trees to participate in deciding the type of trees which will be replanted by the Club. If any IA residents have questions regarding the ROW trimming and removal process, they should contact by email the Vice President or Reserves Chair or email the question to

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