Oct 102017

No formal ‘salmon’ activities took place in Reserve ‘O’ during the past July, August or September.

There was some bank stabilization work done by the Highlands on the south side of Boeing Creek, just below their dam, which can be seen just as you access the trail off of NW 166th.

The next few months should bring some returning adult coho salmon back to Boeing Creek. These adults were planted as fingerlings into the creek three years ago by school kids from Syre and Highland Terrace Elementary schools.

The best time to see these fish would be a day or two after big rains. If you can’t bushwack your way to the stream then consider going down to the outlet (by the railroad tracks) at dawn, during a high tide. You may be lucky enough to see one or two head up the creek.

Thanks again for the opportunity to restore and enhance a salmon run to Boeing Creek.

Ed Barnes

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