Jan 242018
Dear Neighbors,

The Innis Arden Board of Directors is shocked and deeply saddened to inform you that Greg Paquette, our beloved Grounds & Maintenance Manager, passed away last Friday while working for the Club in Blue Heron Reserve. It is believed he was moving wood rounds and branches near the bottom of a hillside near 14th Ave NW when he died suddenly and unexpectedly, preparing the area for spring planting.

Greg began working for the Innis Arden Club in 2007 as a part-time employee, maintaining the grounds around the Clubhouse, at the five entrances to the community, and the Springdale Triangle. The scope of his work later expanded to include work in the Reserves, cleaning up debris, planting, installing steps and handrails, and maintaining the walking trails. This past year Greg became a full-time employee, a change that brought him happiness, more security, and great pride. At the annual meeting we just held, several people spoke up about how they appreciated how kind, courteous and helpful Greg has been to our community – just days before his tragic passing. He was an essential ingredient in keeping Innis Arden beautiful and well-maintained!

Greg is survived by his daughter Skye (18) and son Gabe (15) in Edmonds, as well as his parents George and Susan, and his younger brother Chad who all reside in Michigan.

Greg was a devoted father and the sole provider for this two children. His situation did not allow him to save beyond his immediate needs; consequently any financial help for his funeral and children would be extremely appreciated. Let’s show this grieving family how generous we can be! See the ways to donate at the bottom of this email.

We have worked with the family to set up a Wells Fargo account, which will be managed/monitored by Greg’s mother and also Kathi Peterson. Kathi worked most closely with Greg on behalf of the Board and also personally for years; she and her husband Jim have been instrumental in helping the family and children during this time. Kathi is also local, making it easier to administer the account where the children reside, as Greg’s mother lives in Michigan.

The Board extends our heartfelt condolences to Greg’s family, friends and everyone who knew, loved and worked with him. Greg will be greatly missed!

The family will be holding a memorial service for Greg at a future date. The Board has offered the family the use of the Clubhouse which they have accepted. The Innis Arden community will be notified when definite plans have been arranged.


The Innis Arden Board of Directors


Ways to donate

1) You can visit any Wells Fargo branch and make a check out to the “Greg Paquette Memorial Fund”. Any teller should be able to look up the account by its name, but for reference, the checking account number is 9355631434. If you’d like to wire funds, the routing number is 512000394.

2) You can also click the link below and use your credit card to donate via You Caring into the same Wells Fargo account. There are merchant service fees that are deducted from your donation in this scenario (2.9% plus 30 cents) but it’s more convenient.


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